artisanal bread

Artisinal bread

René bakes a variety of rye, wheat and spelt sourdough breads. These are baked on order and are also available whenever our bread sign is out on the road verge. Our breakfast guests also get the chance to sample the bread at breakfast. Generally the breads are made of stoneground flour and are free of sugar, yeast and preservatives.

loaves of 100% rye bread from our artisanal bakery
100% Rye Bread
Rye breadR50
This 100% rye bread is a tasty wheat free bread, that is delicious with cheese, paté or just plain butter. The rye bread is made using a simple starter of rye flour and water, added to 100% rye flour, salt, water and caraway for flavour and aroma.
Champlain breadR40
This sourdough bread was designed by a baker in Maine, USA. It has a crispy light coloured crust with a tight crumb, perfect for any occasion with any topping. It is a particularly tasty bread made using stoneground, GMO free wheat, rye and spelt flours.
The Old Trading Post breadR40
This dark crusty sourdough bread has an open crumb, perfect for a rustic toasted cheese sandwich where the cheese dribbles through the large holes and crisps up on the outside. The Old Trading Post bread is made using stoneground, GMO free flour that is used to make a starter, added to a medley of wheat, rye and whole wheat flours this becomes a high hydration dough which gives the bread an open crumb.
Sandwich made with Champlain bread
Champlain Bread
Loaf of Champlain Bread
Champlain Bread
Loaves of 'The Old Trading Post' bread
The Old Trading Post Bread