The Old Trading Post:  Pet Policy

We understand that for some people, it is difficult to go on holiday and have to leave their beloved pet at a kennel or in somebody’s care and that they would love to have their pets accompany them whilst travelling.  Sometimes it is necessary to take pets on long journeys whilst relocating etc.  Being animal lovers we recognise this need and welcome your pets.  Generally the pets (mostly dogs) which have visited The Old Trading Post leave less dirt to be cleaned than some people (especially small children.)  However in order to minimise damage, soiling, wear and tear of the accommodation and to minimise disturbance to guests and residents we have the following conditions which apply to pets and their owners:

  • All well behaved and controlled dogs, cats & caged birds are welcome all year round.  
  • Pets sleep inside – owners must bring their own pet beds & bowls.  
  • Dogs are not permitted on the beds and other furniture. 
  • Pets must be vaccinated and free of ticks & fleas on arrival.  
  • Dogs to be leashed when outside.   
  • Pets are not to be left unattended in or outside the accommodation (unless arranged with hosts)  
  • Pets remain the responsibility of their owners and stay at their owner’s risk.   
  • Owners are to clean up behind their pets (Poop Scoop) and to clean up obvious dirt in or around the accommodation (i.e: sand, muddy paw marks, hair etc: 
  • A cleaning charge may be applicable if the accommodation is left in an unreasonably dirty state. 
  • Consideration must be given to resident dogs, birds & wildlife, especially birds and tortoises in the garden. 
  • Pets stay FREE.  
  • Damages Deposit may be required. 
  • Pet owners are responsible for the cost of repair or replacement of any damaged goods or furniture. 

Our property is 4000m² in size and is fully fenced with a 1.8m high fence, the garden consists of sections of formal gardens, and sections of natural vegetation.  The area is divided into sections with low walls and retaining walls.  Owners are to accept responsibility for their pet’s well-being and the pet’s actions.  Pets may only be left unattended (See point 6 above) if arranged with the hosts, and only if the pet’s owner is certain that the pet will not be a nuisance to the hosts or other guests.  We are under no circumstances responsible for the care or well being of any visiting pet.  These conditions are intended to inform pet owners of the terms and conditions of bringing pets.  Should any guest find the accommodation to be not suitable for their pets no refunds will be made.